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Tom Hopkins

Capital One Bank
Senior Manager, Software Engineering
Tom Hopkins is a software development manager currently leading teams to create Dev-Ops tooling at Capital One. He has over 20 years experience in the software industry, creating applications in several different fields. These include tools to provide automated application deployments and infrastructure creation in the cloud, automated Kubernetes deployments, and enterprise-wide audit logging at Capital One. Tom has also led teams to create customer management software for call-centers and retail stores for the mobile phone industry. Tom has extensive experience developing applications in the healthcare field - providing medical imaging as well as real time tracking software of hospital equipment. Capitalizing on his experience working in these different fields, Tom has learned how to effectively manage engineers with diverse backgrounds and lead with compassion.  Tom served as a nuclear operator in the US Naval submarine force and graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering. Tom's hobbies include adventure motorcycling, kayaking, and on rainy days - board games.