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Muktesh Mishra

Capital One
Principal Software Engineer
Muktesh is currently  working as a Principal Software Engineer for Capital One’s Developer Platform  and Emerging Technologies group. He is an open source contributor to 20+  projects and enjoys programming in polyglot. Primarily he is more interested  and contributes in Microservices, Cloud, Containerization, Architectures and  distributed systems, however lately his focus shifted on a lot of automation  and machine learning as well. In his free time he likes photography, solving  coding challenges, learning from online resources and cooking. He is a  conference junkie (attended multiple conferences) and spoken in various  conferences as well(Java One, GDG Conf, InMemory Summit, API Strategy  Conference, Docker Con to name a few). He is heavily involved in development  and teaching people in various communities (Apache Groups, OpenSource Forums,  Docker Mentoring and Java User groups). He has started Sunnyvale Java User  group and NorCal Java User group. In his own words,” I am a distinguished  engineer, with :::willingness to learn and curious to know::: attitude. I can  code, cook, cheer and care. In short, “nothing special but passionately  curious” is my jam”.