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John P Alioto

Viv Labs
Chief Evangelist
John Alioto is a senior technical leader, Evangelist and software architect. He currently serves as the
Chief Evangelist at Viv Labs where he brings the good news about the Bixby Platform to developers. He
is the former CTO of Technical Evangelism & Startup in Microsoft’s Developer Experience and
Evangelism group (DX) in the United States. John is the former CTO of Microsoft DX West Region where
he ran DX’s startup mission in Silicon Valley. Before joining Microsoft, John served as a co-founder and
CTO of a security startup focused on Machine Learning. John has more than 25 years of experience in
the technology industry and a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. John enjoys all types of
fitness activities, has two kids and two dogs and once held weapons grade plutonium in his hand.